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September 2023 — Aden Albert
audio _ course & guided _ tour .mp3

This audio course and guided tour is made possible by the Village Council and the hard work of people like you. To support this project, please visit the Village Council and ask about donating.

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Welcome to our village! We are so glad to have you here, in one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Here, you’ll find amazing natural sights, friendly people, and a traditional way of life unlike anywhere else.

We’re proud of our village and its long history. This is truly a unique and wonderful place, and we want to do everything we can to ensure you find your stay a pleasant one. Don’t blame us if you never want to leave!

The first stop on our tour is right here—outside the Village Council building! Please take a moment to wave at our hardworking Council members. It’s their vigilance and outstanding stewardship that has kept our town pristine and well-tended.

As you have no doubt noticed, we maintain a traditional, older way of life. This includes maintaining our local dialect. To fully appreciate your time here, you’ll need to learn how to communicate with our many gracious residents.

Please repeat the following words and phrases.

Hello, it is so nice to be here.

Thank you for welcoming us.

Yes, please.

No, thank you.

Very good! Now, this is also a tour, so in case you get separated from the group, here are some useful phrases.

I am lost. Can you please help me?

I am a visitor. How do I get back to the Village Council building?

I need help finding my group.

Can you provide directions?

It’s getting dark. Can you please let me in?

Please let me in.

Of course, if you wind up disoriented or off-trail during one of our famous nature excursions, you’ll want to stay put. But here are some phrases for the more adventure-minded among you:

I am lost, can you help me get back to the village?

Where is the closest trail?

I have not eaten any wild berries, I promise.

I am not trying to lead you anywhere, I am lost.

The audio course and guided tour told me to stay put.

I am a visitor and I need your help.

While we strive to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, sometimes accidents happen. If you are the victim of an accident in the woods, raise your left hand and say the following to your rescuer:

I promise I am in genuine distress and need your help. If you hand me your village pin, I will swear I am telling the truth.

With your right hand, place the pin against your chest, to the right of your heart.

With this iron, I swear I am a person in need of help, on the sign of this village, and under the penalty of great misfortune.

Well, now that we have our safety measures taken care of, it’s time to begin the fun!

This is our village market, unchanged for hundreds of years. As you can see, the original stone stalls are still packed with food, treats, handmade crafts, and more.

Here are some useful phrases for enjoying the village market:

What a delightful scent.

May I ask what that is?

How much does it cost?

Thank you, but I will need to consider it.

How did you make this? It is outstanding.

May I have another, please?

I would like to see another.

What do I owe you?

Is this for sale?

Should I buy a second piece, to offer as tribute?

I would like it in a bag, please.

This is very good, but not to my taste.

Yes, I am from outside the village—how did you know?

Please forgive me, I did not mean to be rude.

Have a nice day!

Since the market lies on the edge of town, now is the perfect time for a stroll in our storybook woods. Remember the beauty of nature is in its unspoiled state, so leave no trace behind! Please take your refuse with you, and stick to the path.

The Village Council would like to remind all travelers that leaving the designated paths is not recommended and anyone who does so, performs this action at their own risk. By disobeying instruction, you agree to relieve the village, the Village Council, and any entity you may meet of any and all liability.

We have provided some phrases to help immerse you in the majesty of our forest:

I am following the trail.

The trail markers are red and yellow.

There is a stream ahead.

A bridge crosses the stream.

The bridge is very old, but it looks strong!

The stream is clear and cold.

It runs quickly.

The trees are so tall here.

Their leaves are green, and it is so quiet.

Hush, can you hear the birds?

You can’t? Why not?

The leaves are broad, and they are so green.

Look over there—is that a cabin?

It is so quaint.

Who lives in the quaint cabin with the yellow door?

The postbox says “Ageta.”

But no one lives in the quaint cabin with the yellow door.

No, I don’t know anyone named “Ageta.”

I am only visiting.

Oh dear, have I left the trail?

The audio course and guided tour said to stay put.

No, I do not see a quaint cabin with the yellow door.

It does not exist.

I can only see the trees, and the mossy ground, and those tracks.

What makes tracks like these?

It is not a moose.

They are not moose tracks.

Quiet, it has not seen us yet.

I should go back to the trail before the wolf catches my scent.

I do not know where the trail is.

Wolves do not talk.

No, mister wolf, I am just lost, I do not want to stay here with you.

I will not listen to what the wolf says.

I will not listen to what the wolf says.

I will not

Hello, mister wolf, I have enjoyed the walk, but it is time for me to go!

Please, mister wolf.

Please let me go.

I will find you something to eat in the village.

Yes, mister wolf, something fresh and tender.

I promise, mister wolf.

I will bring them tomorrow.

Well, this wraps up the tour of our splendid village. We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to our way of life.

If you have made arrangements to stay in the village, now will be a good time to check in. It will be dark soon, and as you’ve learned, no one will open their doors after dark!

Likewise, if you have made binding promises to any one or any thing in the village or the woods, please talk to the Village Council about fulfilling that promise right away. You only have until tomorrow to find someone else, and the clock is ticking.

This audio player can be returned to the kiosk in front of the Village Council building. You’ll want to walk inside, now the doors are unlocked. Remember to bring your purchases from the market with you—you can’t provide an offering without them!

Finally, we would like to extend a warm hand of friendship to you for choosing our village. We know you’ll love living here as much as we do.

This audio course and guided tour is made possible by the Village Council and the hard work of people like you. To support this project, please visit the Village Council and ask about donating.

[music cue]

the end.

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