July 2023 — Aden Albert

No Questions Asked

A violent, profane fever dream of a story about Jerzy, and what he does when he gets out. The first story from THE LAND OF CLOSED DOORS.

August 2023 — Aden Albert


A brutal murder in a small village. Two investigators come from the city to solve it.

September 2023 — Aden Albert

audio _ course & guided _ tour .mp3

This transcript provided by the Village Council, who may or may not have things to hide.

October 2023 — Aden Albert

The Three Chores

Hanmui must complete three chores before she can go the banquet, in a tale from the world of THE WIRE ROAD.

November 2023 — Aden Albert


How did Howard's life turn out like this? A grinding job in a ground-down town, in a story from THE LAND OF CLOSED DOORS.

January 2024 — Aden Albert

Our Labors End

The light never changes. There is no day or night. There is the Fisher, and the boat, and the Spout, and the work, forever.

February 2024 — Aden Albert

Advance Against Royalties

Twelfth and Semple's Used Books is the target for desperate people's last big score. Sanna is no different. Except she has no intention of ever coming back.

March 2024 — Aden Albert

We, the Dark

We have lived here for a long time. We have slept for a long time. But now we are awake. And we do what we cannot escape.

April 2024 — Aden Albert

End of the Road

Pash waits in a public place to talk to Walker Tilley for her school project. She’s told a friend. But she doesn’t know Walker, or how he's going to react.

May 2024 — The Neon Church

A short story.

What am I going to do with you? The little girl looks at him. What do you mean? It’s something I say because I love you, he says, in the beginning of the story.